Senate offers to mediate, NLC rejects, insists on N63/liter before meeting

The Nigeria Labour Congress has turned down a planned mediation by the Senate, insisting the government reverts to N63 per liter of petrol before taking part in talks.

The NLC had earlier rejected meeting with a federal government-named committee. The senate committee on labour and productivity on Friday claimed a meeting with labour had been scheduled for Sunday to forestall the strike billed for Monday.

But in a swift reaction, the labour union said it was unaware of the plans, and even where it was contacted, the group will insist on a reversal of subsidy removal before attending talks.

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Ilorin protester, Muyideen Mustapha, was killed by butchers, says Police IG

The Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, has just sensationally claimed that 23-year-old Muyideen Mustapha, who died during a protest against the withdrawal of fuel subsidy in Ilorin on Tuesday, was killed by feuding butchers.

Addressing journalists after a meeting of the nation’s top security chiefs at the police headquarters in Abuja, Mr. Ringim exonerated his men of complicity in the death of the protester, saying Mr. Mustapha got caught in a fight by some butchers, who he said killed him

The police boss said he was in possession of a medical report which indicates that the 23-year-old did not die of bullet wounds.

He said he was ready to make the report public whenever he is pushed to do so.

But the father of the late protester, Alhaji Oke-Odo, has insisted that his son died of bullet wounds.

Speaking yesterday in Ilorin, Mr. Oke-Odo, explained that the family confirmed that at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital.

He said it was a “blatant lie, a glaring lie” that his son was stabbed by anyone.

He demanded that the culprit be brought to justice to serve as a deterrent to others.

Mr. Mustapha is the first casualty of of the ongoing national uprising against the sudden cut in petrol subsidy.

Since protests erupted across the country, the police has brutally cracked down on protesters, firing teargas and live ammunition at them.

source: Premium Times

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Nigerian government shuts major streets as fuel hike protest intensifies

Security forces have shut down major streets of Abuja, the Nigerian capital on a third day of massive protest across the country against the removal of government subsidy on petrol.

President Goodluck Jonathan is asking Nigerians to sacrifice and pay more for fuel for a better economy, but his administration continues with outlandish spending in his second year as president. Jonathan himself, his officials, state governors across the country are aggressively enriching themselves with state funds while the masses continue in poverty.

Where this subsidy policy to be right, the people led by this government-Nigerians-have-roundly risen against its imposition, so why should a responsible government that claims to derive its mandate from the people, not heed? Why must it be by force?

By Friday, at least two protesters have already been murdered by police and privileged report is that more violent crackdown will be unleashed on the population.

Nigerians can defeat this regime and its logic, and force it to revert this very evil policy. Help act now and defend fuel subsidy any way you can, except through violence.

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Reasonable numbers in Bauchi Thursday

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Another analysis,culled from typical Nigerian

You claimed around 1.4 trillion was paid in Subsidies in 2011 and according to the SURE document N1.134 trillion is re-investible from PMS subsidy removal. Simple mathematics shows that since 75 naira is the amount paid on PMS subsidy, that means Nigerians consumed N1.134 trillion / N75 = 15,120 million litres in the year. More mathematics says daily consumption averages 41.42 million litres i.e. by dividing the annual consumption by 365. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reuben Abati on fuel subsidy In 2009

This is Abati, Jonathan’s spokesman, three years ago.

“It must be a joke, right? The proposed plan by the Federal Government to fully deregulate the downstream sector and remove the remaining subsidy on petroleum products. When the news first broke during the week, Nigerians were told that a committee had been set up to be led by the Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda, with a mandate to work out an action-plan and a time-table for implementation and consult with stakeholders. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cabinet members smiling after Jan. 4 emergency FEC convened to discuss subsidy protest

photo credit…lindaikeji blog

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